Top 10 Instagram Trends That Will Conquer 2022

Instagram Trends 2022

These Are the Top 10 Instagram Trends That Will Conquer 2022

But First, Who Defined These Trends?

Instagram! Every year they create a special report that covers some categories. But 2022 is all about Gen-Z: the ones who are defining the future and, as they’re leading the digital world, it’s crucial to get into their minds to deliver the trends that will rule the following months.

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And Who Is the Generation Z (Gen-Z)?

And you might be wondering why they are so relevant? 🤔

Well, to start with, they have a new and renovated way of thinking. Plus, globally, they represent almost 32% of the world population. In comparison, in the US, this number reaches 27% of the people, meaning that by 2026, Gen-Z will be one of the largest consumer population groups. 

1. Fashion and Beauty, Two Worlds That Get Along Well

Now, keeping up with beauty Instagram trends, what will rock in 2022? Clean, natural, and minimalist looks -including makeup and skincare-. Beyond the superficial part, though, Generation Z genuinely cares about what they put on their bodies. That’s why, before buying, they seek information on what ingredients are contained in the products they want. Of course, the brands that will stand out (during this year) are the ones that use:

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Pro Tip: In 2022, people want to see the real and the natural. Make sure you use all Instagram’s tools and formats to engage with your community.


2. Shopping Directly From Social Media

You got it! While online shopping has become part of our daily lives, 2022 brings a particular interest: shopping through Instagram!

🔥 27% of teens and young adults expect to shop directly from social media feeds or in-app features.

Although it’s a great way of selling and buying all kinds of physical products, Gen-Z pretends to get the best of these Instagram Shoppable Posts by focusing on selling second-hand products and handmade items. Which is an excellent opportunity for everyone, but mainly for those young people who want to contribute to global sustainability. 

3. Music and Dance Are Becoming Visuals

🔥 70% of teens expect to discover new music or social media in 2022. 

We saw this coming, and it’s not a surprise because these 2 elements make a perfect combo, especially in short videos. But why are they so popular? Because we can discover great songs with spectacular choreographies that can be used for all kinds of content. Plus, we can attract new viewers easily. So, bring your best dance moves and communicate what you want to your audience.

Also, consider that visual albums and live stream concerts will be part of the audience’s demands. Check out our collection of Mixtape Covers! 😉

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4. Did Creators Reach a Celebrity’s Level?

Instagram trends report tells us that content creators are on the same level (if not higher) than celebrities concerning the degree of influence.

Possibly before, no one would have ever imagined it, but you find all the pieces of the puzzle if you reflect on it. For example, celebrities were and are still admired – mostly from afar – but creators are “ordinary people” who have a favorite topic they understand and seek to share with like-minded people. In this way, a closer, more human, and transparent bond is created with their audience, making them rise to the next level.

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Pro Tip: You can get a lot out of it by choosing creators aligned with our brand’s mission and vision. Also, consider that “people are influenced by shared interests, not necessarily popularity”.

5. A New Way of Seeing Career and Education

Success means something different to all generations, especially the younger ones, who simply have a different outlook on life.

For example, going to college and having a 9-to-5 job is an unappealing idea because the costs are high, the curricula are often outdated, or simply don’t prepare you for the real world. Plus, they don’t want to be tied to a consuming job or a society that dictates how to act. In other words, they’d rather have a “meaningful job (and not the center of the universe) even if it means making less money”.

At the end of the day, this generation knows that their destiny is in their own hands and that it may just take a new way of preparing and honing skills to succeed.

🔥 90% of generation z thinks the best education comes from the real world

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6. Wellness Is a Priority That Will Remain

Instagram Wellness Trends Inspired Template (1)

Holistic wellness is one of the Instagram trends coming in strongest this 2022.

We can highlight that home workouts will continue to be popular among the young community. However, we shouldn’t neglect the mental and emotional part, which is about understanding that “mental wellness goes beyond the inner self” and that the actions we take directly impact our emotions. This is why yoga practices, guided meditations, manifestations, and creative activities are essential.

Finally, the spaces we inhabit are becoming eco-friendly and sustainable.

8. When Food Is Taken to the Next Level

Many of these Instagram trends have been a direct result of the pandemic. For example, spending more time at home led to experimentation with new skills: cooking was one of them.

But it goes to a higher level of expertise. Generation Z seems to feel empowered by experimenting with advanced recipes and techniques while at home. This also reinforces the theme that it’s healthier to prepare and eat homemade food, be self-sufficient, and contribute to local food producers and sustainability.

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9. A Trend In the Shape of Memes

Who doesn’t like a good meme? Let’s be honest, with so many events happening in the world, we need to laugh to forget all the problems for at least one minute. Best of all, there’s a funny one for every situation.

So, the prediction for 2022 will be the cryptocurrency and absurdist humor.

10. Last But Not Least: Social Justice

Nowadays, many young people follow activism accounts on Instagram, but they know that we need to do something if we expect a change. So, they share this information and even donate their own money to support social causes that matter.

It’s all about taking action, even though they’re small ones.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

Many of these Instagram trends have their origins in the pandemic and come from a sustainability perspective. The latest generation has a very different idea of thinking and acting. Surprisingly, it’s a more intelligent approach and concerned about making a positive change that contributes to them, their environment, and the world. While not all companies target this niche, you can always take innovative ideas and adapt them to your content.

Tell us what you thought of these trends and which one was your favorite? Did you see them coming?

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