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Top 12 Social Media Strategies to Drive this 2022

Social Media Trends 2022:

Top 12 Social Media Strategies to Drive this Year!

First Things First:

Set Goals that Make Sense to Your Business

Make no efforts that do not serve your goals. Consider goals like:

And choose goals that apply best to your existing business needs! What are you looking for from your social media this 2022?

Establish Your Metrics & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


Keep your objectives simple even if you are using a combination of these. You don’t want a messy strategy.

Listening is Becoming More Important!

Find the conversation around your business. Follow hashtags, mentions, and keywords around your business. This part of the process is listening or monitoring.

Research Your Target

Not all social media are the same, this is why you will be building a different strategy for each social media channel because their users are very different! 

Think to yourself, who is your potential follower? Are they on Instagram? On TikTok? On LinkedIn? Completely different targets right? 

Making assumptions can damage your strategy. Go as deeply as you can with your target research, when you know your target you can work wonders on social media!

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Choose Your Social Media Tools

For management, creation, and optimization. There are tons of amazing tools to help you carry your new strategy this year!

Pro Tip: Remember Placeit offers thousands of social media templates for your posts, videos, and even live streams!

And at Last, Evaluate!

Make a swipe of your content to write down what is working according to YOUR KPIs and what’s not. 

Having birds-eye over your social media will help you put content in perspective. Trends can explode overnight, this is why is essential to keep a serious watch over different channels. 

There should be a lot of trial and error to get to the best content format, time, day, topic, etc.

12 Top 2022 Social Media Marketing Trends

All social media followers love fresh content: trends! Social trends can fuel your visuals from the crowd. Let’s go over this year’s trends to keep an on:

1. Instagram Reels are the Best Piece of Organic/Paid Content

Share tons of new, instant, quick pieces of content with Instagram Reels. Reels are a great way to drive traffic to your site, app, shop, etc. Why? Instagram uses a proven and highly addictive formula (similar to TikTok) to attract and engage followers. 

Engaging with your follower’s questions will be crucial this year, people want to be spoken with. So, combine Instagram stories with a call to action: let me know if you have doubts, or if want to know more, and then react to your follower’s questions with really useful information. Open dialogue builds trust and more importantly, relationships.

Try this trend to grow your brand, educate your audience, showcase your business, show your brand’s personality, and more!

Instagram Stories Templates Trends

Pro Tip: User-generated content is more relevant than ever! Motivate your followers to tag you, to use your hashtags, or simply to send over their content so that you can share.

Mockup Featuring A Woman Holding An Iphone 11 Pro At A Concert

2. Shoppable Posts on Instagram Storefront

Instagram being one of the best platforms to engage with potential customers, shoppable posts is the option for users to never leave their apps.

Tiktok Sound

4. Sounds are 99% of a TikTok Video Success

With that in mind, these are the most popular trends to try out: dances, humor, before-and-afters, seamless transitions, benign vulnerable, collaborations, pop culture references, blogging, replying to comments, satisfying videos, and cultural differences. Authenticity is Key on TikTok!

5. YouTube Keywords on Titles are KEY to be Found

Youtube Search Banner

Placing your keywords correctly on your video title is a must this year, tags are not as relevant now. Be mindful of what you will be naming your videos this year!

Pro Tip: User-generated content is more relevant than ever! Motivate your followers to tag you, to use your hashtags, or simply to send over their content so that you can share.

6. Live Broadcasting

Livestreaming Templates

Podcasting is HOT this 2022! Livestreaming is a great way to engage even more with your customers. Live videos keep your social media fresh and engaging and human.

Therefore, Facebook has launched its Audio Live Rooms. Hosts can invite other Facebook users as speakers or invite current listeners to join, and there can be up to 50 speakers! No limit for listeners! Followers can react to the stream

Amazon is another platform that will be supporting live videos now! That’s rights, shoppable live streams! So, got something to say?

Facebook and YouTube are great places to set your ads campaign due to the conversion rate they have but check your numbers. Which social media is bringing the most conversion? 

YouTube is now offering more ad placement options and Facebook Ad performance is better this year! Facebook has done some intensive remodeling to its pixels with more stable conversions.

Geo-targeting is becoming more popular and necessary to target different demographics with your specialized ads.

Paid Ads

Pro Tip: You can find free social media templates on Placeit to try on your channels as well as on your paid campaigns!

Instagram Shoppable Posts

8. Social Selling Will Grow Even Bigger!

Social Commerce is here to combine the best of both worlds for brands to sell seamlessly to their followers. You can work and build your completely free storefront online.

Live Audio.png.twimg.1920

10. Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is a new live audio feature that is currently being tested. This feature is open to everyone to listen and speak. Try it today!

11. LinkedIn Creators Mode

LinkedIn’s new creator’s model allows brands to add videos and start conversations. These tools can help users to create a community and establish a presence on the platform. Users will now have to follow you instead of connecting with you. You will be able to share relevant content, and long-form posts, use LinkedIn live, and so on!

People Group Illustration.png.original
T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Happy Woman With A Headset M3428 R El2

12. An Increase in Social Media for Customer Support

Quality customer service is a MUST for your social media platforms this year. You should appoint a customer support specialist to answer your followers’ inquiries or decide on an automated service, either way, such an experience should be positive since it is an essential part of you brand’s experience on social media. 

Monitor relevant conversations as an important part of your brand’s feedback!

To Wrap Up

These are just a few of the social media trends that will dominate this 2022. Anticipate changes and even get yourself into a few new risks to get awesome results. 

Also, remember to take a look at what your competitors are doing, maybe you can do it better? Remember that all social media is time sensitive so get your calendars in order so that you don’t miss any important happening, events, seasons, and so on.

2022 is a year to humanize your brand! We’ve been watching out for this trend for a while now and today more than ever is clear that people want to engage with real people, not businesses.

Choose your content themes wisely and let’s dive into this 2022!

What are your thoughts? Got anything to say?

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