Manuka Royale Honey Takes the International Stage By Storm

New Zealand is shining for all the right reasons – the land of so many exclusive treasures adored the world over. The sweetest of all though has to be their Manuka honey! This distinctive taste and nutrient value honey are in a class of its own, making it one of the globe’s most luxurious healthy food products. Manuka Royale is a Manuka honey producer and a newbie to the international honey scene. They’re off to an incredible start with the announcement of being awarded Best Luxury Honey in the World, 2021 by the internationally acclaimed Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Key highlights that set this now world-famous Manuka honey producer apart, are its high standards of craft, its sustainability model, and UMF certification. They only work with farms in pristine wilderness areas, where the soil mineral content is the densest. This elevates the honey’s final nutritive values, increasing its healing and nourishing qualities. They also commit to the lowest processing operation, in order to preserve maximum nutritional content.

Elena, Manuka Royale founder  - manuka royale honey takes the international stage by storm - Manuka Royale Honey Takes the International Stage By Storm
Elena, Manuka Royale founder

The Olympic athletic champion owners, Wojtek Czyz, and Elana Brambilla have set out to ensure their business produces life-enhancing products that uplift the world, their local community, and consumers. From an eco-friendly perspective, they only source from their nearby small-batch beekeepers which helps reduce their carbon footprint. To further entrench their planet-loving operation, all their packaging is made from ocean plastic. This idea was sparked by the winning couple’s sail-around-the-world after their athletic season. It was here that they encountered the reality of the ocean’s polluted state, and have made great strides in being part of the solution.

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Manuka Royale Pumpkin Spice Latte  - manuka royale honey takes the international stage by storm 1 - Manuka Royale Honey Takes the International Stage By Storm
Manuka Royale Pumpkin Spice Latte

People prize manuka honey for its healing properties, which include topical wound application, skin-related problems, to relieve digestive disorders, to soothe sore throats, and in beauty treatments. Its high anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties make it an all-around safe and natural therapy. As winter and the flu season is upon us it’s good to start taking Manuka Royale as a precautionary measure. That being said, one should always consult a doctor for medical treatment options.

Manuka Royale Truffle Mash Potato  - manuka royale honey takes the international stage by storm 2 - Manuka Royale Honey Takes the International Stage By Storm
Manuka Royale Truffle Mash Potato

Manuka Royale offers two premium Manuka honey products: Creamy Manuka Honey (with four different UMF strength options), and Truffle Manuka Honey. Manuka Royale has a new exciting range of manuka-inspired products launching in the first half of next year. They ship internationally and also incentivize larger orders in an effort to curb carbon emissions on deliveries.

Elana and Wojtek responded to winning the award saying ‘A proud moment for us in achieving this recognition. We will continue to strive for excellence in our business products and operations – as we have done all our lives in everything we do. Thank you to our incredible bee farms for their contribution to our efforts!’.

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