Verijet the AI-Powered Air Taxi Service Sets Standards for Environmentally Responsible Travel

Verijet is a private air charter company promoting environmentally responsible aviation. They are purveyors of a charter service with a lower carbon and noise footprint in the USA. They have recently earned a place in the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Awards and were awarded Best Luxury Private Jet Service in the USA. With a massive increase […]

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  1. Last summer, Shenae Rowe was able to provide 36,000 meals a week to hungry kids throughout Warrick County in rural southwest Indiana. Parents could pick up a week’s worth of food in one trip to take home.

  2. During a Senate committee hearing on the ongoing federal response to the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci faced questions from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) about Covid-19 boosters for children. Fauci testified remotely after testing positive for the virus.

  3. The US Food and Drug Administration gave emergency use authorization on Friday for both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for young children. Today, vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted unanimously in support of giving babies and other kids as young as 6 months a Covid-19 vaccination.

  4. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla shares Pfizer’s plan to bring all its existing and future vaccines to 45 low-income countries at zero profit. Bourla also discusses with CNN’s Richard Quest the goal and challenge of developing an annual Covid vaccine.

  5. A slate of Black artists and musicians are set to take the stage at the Hollywood Bowl on June 19 for an inaugural Juneteenth concert that will be broadcast live on CNN.

  6. This week’s mortgage rate jump to nearly 6% makes homes even more expensive. But will soaring rates finally bring the housing market back to earth? CNN Business’ Matt Egan joins ‘Nightcap’s’ Jon Sarlin to break it all down.

  7. President Joe Biden said Monday he hopes to decide soon whether to support a temporary pause in the federal gasoline tax and is nearing a decision on student loan relief as he looks to ease the burden of high prices on Americans.

  8. Gas prices rise and fall but where is your money actually going? CNN’s Jon Sarlin breaks down what goes in every cent at the pump.

  9. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, holding that there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion. 

  10. The Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of two doctors who were convicted of prescribing dangerous opioids without valid medical justification in violation of federal law.

  11. Following the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, CNN Opinion asked a group of contributors to weigh in on the cultural, legal and political ramifications of this monumental legal opinion undoing nearly 50 years of federal abortion protection. The views expressed in these commentaries are those of the authors.

  12. • Live updates: At least 4 killed and 19 injured in renewed shelling in Kharkiv, authorities say
    • World leaders near agreement on capping the price of Russian oil
    • Analysis: Tide turns in Ukraine war as Russia makes progress

  13. • Feds seize phone of Trump’s election attorney
    • Jan. 6 committee unexpectedly adds new hearing for Tuesday

  14. Using recreational marijuana is associated with a higher risk of emergency room care and being hospitalized for any reason, a new study has found.

  15. Watergate journalist Bob Woodward tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he thinks testimony during the January 6 committee’s investigation is enough to end former President Donald Trump’s political career.

  16. A Nebraska woman had an abortion after learning of fetal abnormalities that also put her own life at risk. CNN’s Lucy Kafanov reports on the woman’s need to cross state borders to undergo the procedure.

  17. A Kentucky state court on Thursday halted enforcement of two Kentucky laws passed in 2019 that had stopped abortion services in the state last Friday, after the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

  18. Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi said Tuesday that the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, has “started producing information” for the Department of Justice relevant to its request for transcripts of interviews the committee has conducted.

  19. General Motors and Lockheed Martin are working together on a new Lunar Rover. but it needs tires. So, Goodyear is now joining the team.

  20. Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk has announced a collaboration with Hot Wheels that will bring a new toy to market and help expand access to community skate parks.

  21. At least 36 people have died and about 50 others have been hospitalized in western India after drinking contaminated alcohol, according to police.

  22. Startup ByFusion’s machine uses steam and compression to create standard building blocks from virtually all types of plastic waste. The company hopes its machines will provide solutions to both infrastructure and the environmental effects of non-recyclable plastics.

  23. Robb Elementary Principal Mandy Gutierrez defended herself Wednesday against criticism about her handling of school security before the massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

  24. A January 6 rioter accused in the assault of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick pleaded guilty on Wednesday to disorderly conduct and entering and remaining in a restricted area in connection to the US Capitol attack.

  25. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin on Wednesday announced a deal on an energy and health care bill, a major breakthrough for Democrats in Washington who have long sought legislation the moderate from West Virginia could support.

  26. Asian stock markets tumbled on Tuesday, with indexes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai leading the way, as investors were jittery about US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expected visit to Taiwan that could severely escalate tensions with China.

  27. Six months since Russia invaded Ukraine, the West’s response to the crisis has remained strong and largely united — to the surprise of many.

  28. White House officials have been weighing — and leaning toward — the cancellation of up to $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower tied to an income threshold, CNN has learned.

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