Inflation is causing a crime wave

Auto thefts are up over 200% in Nassau County, Long Island this year versus last year. This is with unemployment below 4%, so it’s not suddenly happening because people are desperate. We had a spike in crime in my community post-2008 financial crisis, but nothing to this degree. We’ve had over 370 reported car thefts so far this year,
In every upper middle class enclave of my county, cars are being stolen righ…

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  20. Six of the 13 Turpin children — who were tortured for years by their biological parents — were then placed in a foster home where they endured a “second bout” of abuse, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and their reports were ignored by the foster care agency, an attorney for two of the children told HLN.

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  24. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s decision not to seek reelection this year upended the Massachusetts political world, setting off a scramble among ambitious members of both parties as the top job — which Baker had won twice — suddenly came open and set off a domino effect down the ballot.

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