The Pros and Cons of Digital Light Projection HDTV Setups

The home entertainment market is a battlefield, and the players are at a standstill.

No sweat. This is a clear sign of a bustling industry, and the consumers are the ones to benefit from the healthy competition between the major players in the field. The choices are endless, but they could be narrowed down to three: Plasma, LCD, and Digital Light Projection HDTV setups. Each has its own pros and cons, as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we’re going to discuss the merits, and disadvantages, of a Digital Light Projection HDTV setup.


  • A Digital Light Projection HDTV is the best option for bigger screens. Since the light will be projected from the back of the TV set, and since such light will be refined by an advanced color wheel, you’ll get the clearest images possible for screens which are 50 inches and over.
  • It can also boast of displays that dwarf its competitors.
  • Pound for pound, a DLP HDTV is the most affordable of all the available options. Since the bulk of the technology is at the rear projector, expenses on the screen size will cost less.


  • A Digital Light Projection HDTV is slightly behind its competitors when it comes to color saturation and contrast. Both the pixels and resolution of Plasma and LCD TVs are resolved onscreen, whereas a DLP HDTV resolves its pixels and resolution from the rear projector.
  • It is also bulkier compared to Plasma and LCD setups. The rear projector and the space required to project the images makes a DLP HDTV look like a big box, whereas its competitors are slimmer and sexier.
  • A DLP HDTV makes use of halogen projection lamps. These require special care. If such level of care is not met, the TV set will be more prone to wear and tear of constant usage.
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Some of these advantages and disadvantages are a matter of preference. Others are a matter of practicality. In choosing the right HDTV setup for your needs, each and every aspect of your options should be carefully studied. Then and only then can you make a truly informed decision for something that requires a relatively high financial investment on your part.

Nonetheless, high definition technology is here to stay, and it offers a pleasant evolution for our viewing pleasures. Whether you choose a Plasma, an LCD, or a DLP HDTV set, you’re sure to enjoy the amazing experience that high definition television promises to provide.

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