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- complete guide for budget gamer - Complete Guide For Budget Gamer

Gaming is a hobby that has been increasingly gaining popularity among all age groups. Everyone wants their hand on the latest PlayStation, Xbox, or any high-end graphics gaming console, but not all get these consoles so quickly. With every new release, the gaming enthusiasts scramble around to own the latest PlayStation or Xbox somehow, it has become a matter of pride. The stock for these gaming stations is limited, but the stores alone don’t seem to be the problem that stands between a gamer and a high-end graphic gaming console. Everything better comes with an increased price; with every update, there’s a hike in the price. Not all gamers can afford to own them.

For many people, gaming is a mode of quenching their boredom; for others, It may be a way of letting out the day’s frustration. Introverts might find gaming a way of interacting with strangers without giving out much about them. Whatever the purpose may be, not everyone can or wants to spend a large sum of money on new consoles. There are always the devotees that go all out for whatever hobby they start. Still, not everyone is a fan of putting a dent in their wallet for it, especially the younger age group users that can’t expect their parents to keep the money coming for every new game on the market. 

Worry not; you can always play plenty of video games and not spend much money on them. Nowadays high end gaming tablets can also be used for gaming purposes. All you need is to get a bit creative. You can check this YOUTUBE video for more information.

Turn to PC

Gaming on a budget can be best done on computers. Some might argue that a PC costs way more than a new console does, which is true, but in the long run, the added benefits of a PC overrun the cost, which is not present with a gaming console. You can get more and spend a lot less when buying games for a PC. There are graphic cards available that include free copies of recent releases, or a customer might sell the codes for cheap online. PC gaming has many advantages. If you’re a fan of playing a lot of games, you’ll require a platform that offers an extensive enough library for all the fun. PCs are the deal for such users. 

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Platform Choice

You have to choose whether to focus on a newer console and spend more money or for oldies for a lower price. Different factors affect your choice here as everyone has their requirements to fulfill. Let’s look into them.

Cost: If you choose to buy an older generation console, it is better to search on local sites that offer better margins for negotiation and lend yourself some great deals. The cheaper the console, the further you go back in age.

Connectivity: This might be a step back when looking into older consoles as not all modern TVs have composite inputs. The additional cost of HDMI cables will increase the overall cost of your hardware, which is not the best of deals to make.

Library: For people that are interested in playing a lot of games require a platform that allows it. The older consoles are the deal to make in such cases.

Repairability: When buying older consoles, it is a significant factor to consider. You can go a long way with a console with a bit of a handy screwdriver and knowledge of what to do with it. 

Keep these in mind while deciding on what console to buy. You can land yourself a beneficial deal. If we were to suggest, the Xbox 360 Slim sure makes for a great budget gaming console. With super-cheap pricing, a decent library for modern games, and connectivity that supports stylish TVs. You can also opt for PS2 that comes with the most extensive library in gaming history. But has a step back in the connectivity department. 

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Always make sure to check for the quality of the controller before putting in your cash for the console. 

Game Streaming

It might not be an option preferred by all. But streaming offers you plenty of possibilities while gaming. All you need is a good enough internet connection. You can have a pretty good gaming time in the cheapest way possible. There is no need for any additional hardware, just your PC. 

Trading and Renting

Even after buying a game, you can still keep saving up.

However, if you love a game, you can’t always keep playing it, especially the story-driven ones. Once you are done playing one and done rounds, there are various options you can opt for to make them useful.

  • Selling the older ones: Put your older games on the market online for reasonable prices, and you’ll be surprised with the amount of offer you’ll get. Make a good bet, and you’ll get yourself some good deals.
  • Trading: If you have a friend using similar platforms as you or some known people using them, you can always trade your discs once you’re done playing. Keep an eye out, especially if you know someone upgrading and would be willing to let go of the last generation games.

Know What to Buy

When it comes to buying games to play, it is the more accessible part. It does not matter what platform you are using. 

  • Look into classic games: Classic games are always a great option to go for when buying games. There are always some you haven’t played that are engaging and can be brought for cheap.
  • Lookout for free games: Free games, especially on PCs, are widespread. There are a lot of options available, you have to look through them. Free games can be a lot of fun.
  • Sales: Even when going for newer games, be on the wait for sales, and you’ll grab a lot more for a lot less than intended. More recent games always required high configuration motherboard, but if you look out for sales and keep track of offers, you can save some in there.
  • Opt for used discs: With used discs, you get the option of bargaining prices; while online offers are great and there is no margin of bargaining, you’ve got to take what the company offers to give. You can also sell the discs later on as per your need which is not the deal with digital games.
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 Have Patience

Undoubtedly the thrill of buying a new PlayStation and all is amazing, but you should also be aware that these same games can be available in the market for a lot less in a month or two. Companies are known to put stuff on clearance for less price; these are the best times to hunt for them. Keeping a little bit of patience might get you games for a lot less money.

Final Thoughts

Gaming could quite possibly become an expensive hobby. By making the right choices and patience, you can get some great deals and offers for fulfilling your hobby for pretty affordable pricing.


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