10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Website.

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1. Subscriptions to your e-zine can be obtained for free. Everyone these days publishes an e-zine, so it makes sense to offer something extra with the complimentary membership. If people subscribe, you can offer them a free gift or marketing materials.

2. Don’t forget to provide free material on your website. Fresh and original content will appeal more to your visitors. In addition, the web content could be reprinted in e-zines and websites.

3. Offer a free online directory. There can be a variety of eBooks, e-zines, websites, etc., on the directory site. It is certain that people will visit your directory site again and again if they find it useful.

4. Give your visitors a free book. Also, you could include your own advertisement and allow others to give away the book. To avoid having to write one, you can request writers’ permission to use their articles.

5. Offer free online courses and workshops. Your website’s chat room could be used for these meetings. The inclusion of “live” content will certainly attract people to your website. You will become a specialist on the topic.

6. You can offer free entry to your contest or sweepstakes to visitors. It is imperative that the prizes you offer are something your website visitors will be interested in or value. You will likely have visitors returning to your site again and again.

7. Provide visitors with free software to download. Depending on the type of software, it may be free, shareware, or demo software. You can even create a software directory site on your website. Allow others to distribute the software if you developed it and include your advertisement inside.

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8. You can offer free online solutions or  on your website. It could be search engine optimization, content duplication removal, or proofreading. You should provide a service or utility that your target audience will find valuable.

9. Free consulting is available to visitors to your website. By email or telephone, you can share your expertise. Because consulting fees can be very expensive, people will certainly consider this a significant value.

10. Offer free memberships to your online club to visitors of your website. Everybody wants to come from somewhere. Isn’t your online club a smart idea? As an additional benefit, you can provide charter members with a free e-zine.

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