What Is So Fancy About Pink Diamonds

When thinking about diamonds, the mind recognizes the crystal clear transparency of a clear diamond. 

Like clear diamonds, pink jewels are a rare and beautiful stone with many fantastic pink shades.

There is a fascinating history of discovering pink diamonds, but many are unaware of the many shades of pink

Each pink gem has a distinct shade and appearance and has diverse prices by the carat weight. Unfortunately, only a few mines in the world produce this precious beauty. 

This precise jewel has garnered a lot of admiration from celebrities and a lengthy history of respect from royals. 

These pink diamonds have even found a permanent home in the most prestigious of museums, like the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

One question that has reappeared many times in conversation is, what is so fancy about pink diamonds? 

Why does this diamond have such a loyal cult following, and can this stone hold to the test of time with its trendy pink shades? 

The most logical and concrete answer is yes! 

This jewel will continue to be a staple in any diamond lover’s collection; let’s learn why.

What Makes This Jewel So Fancy

What makes these jewels so special comes from the pale or even different shades of rich pink color. 

These pink crystals are stunning and have a brilliance unrivaled from any other stone.

Pink gems have about two million per carat, making these jewels the most valuable and coveted to the elite. 

The crystal’s primary color is produced by a distortion that affects about 99.5% of pink stones, which creates a pink hue from reddish to purplish. 

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The scientific components range from nitrogen, which produces parallel bands that have been named glide planes and lamellae.

With some scientific information out the way, it is time to understand why pink diamonds are so rare entirely. 

One extraordinary fact about this is the pink-hued crystals excavated in the Argyle mines in Australia that are currently closed. 

This particular mine had a solid record of the unique quality discovery of fancy pink diamonds that have graced many magazine covers and been worn by your favorite celebrities. 

necklace with a pink diamond  - what is so fancy about pink diamondsa - What Is So Fancy About Pink Diamonds

What Makes Pink Diamonds-Pink

Many do not know, but pink diamonds do come in an array of hues that will fit the taste of any diamond lover. 

The color, clarity, and cut of the pink diamond make a difference, and of course, the vibrancy. 

Let’s understand what makes these pink hues the most amazing amongst the other colors. 

Listed are just a few hues that pink crystals can consist of; the clarity, whether intense are melodious, the value of the diamond is unique. 

What are the types of pink that make the diamond fancy?

  1. 54% light pink 
  2. 28% purplish pink
  3. 10% brownish-orange pink 
  4. 17% brown pink to the pinkest brown

Of course, the richness, clarity, and depth of discussion take center stage with each color. 

With proper education of this diamond, the enthusiast becomes well versed in the scientific makings of these rare crystals

The Takeaway

Pink diamonds will always be a staple and have a fantastic lure when it comes to rarity. 

Learning about crystals gives a better perspective on why they are so fancy and will continue to be. 

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One of the best ways to learn more about this diamond is to find out more information on why it’s precious. 

When choosing a reputable jeweler, there will be an array of incredible and luxurious pink diamonds to choose from. 

Astteria.com has an excellent selection of fancy pink diamonds to choose from and a variety of cuts and carat ranges for any diamond investor’s budget. 


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