What is Juneteenth?

When my firm’s Director of People Operations informed me that the New York Stock Exchange (and Nasdaq) was to be closed for the first time on Monday, June 20th to commemorate the Juneteenth holiday (which, this year, fell on a Sunday – yesterday), I realized that I didn’t really know that much about it so I did some more reading. There aren’t many holidays or days of observance for which they close…

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  1. For the first time in four years, Texas Republicans met in person at their state party convention over the weekend. And boy, did they make up for lost time.

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  4. Human remains found in West Texas in 2013 have been identified as a teen reported missing more than 20 years ago, state officials said.

  5. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) told ABC News that the House Select Committee could issue a criminal referral for former President Trump over his role in the January 6 attack at the Capitol. David French, a senior editor at The Dispatch, discusses what key evidence convinced him the Department of Justice should charge Trump.

  6. Akihisa Shiozaki, a former senior adviser to former Japanese Prime Minister Abe, talks with CNN’s John Berman about his former boss. Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has died at the age of 67 after being shot during a campaign speech in Nara, Japan, according to Japan’s National public broadcaster, NHK, quoting ruling Liberal Democratic Party sources.

  7. A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines on Tuesday, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

  8. While federal officials weigh a nationwide public health emergency declaration around the monkeypox outbreak, San Francisco and New York state began sounding the alarm Thursday.

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  10. India was still a British colony when Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926, but it had been independent for nearly five years by the time she became Britain’s monarch in February 1952.

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  13. President Joe Biden has built a bit of momentum of late — buoyed by lower gas prices, strong jobs numbers and a series of legislative victories.

  14. Twenty-two years ago, humanity was teetering on the fulcrum of a new era. Our love affair with technology still felt glamorous and new, the internet a vast frontier full of danger and promise. Yes, we knew there may be troubles down the road, but the consequences of climate change and geopolitical friction were problems for another day. Another millennium, even. As we looked to the year 2000 — that monumental Y2K — we saw both apocalypse and rebirth.

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