This Stylish NYC Showroom Lets You Live With Homewares Before You Buy Them

Future-thinking furniture brands and galleries, such as TRNK and the Future Perfect, have ditched the old showroom formula in favor of more experiential offerings. Zanotta, a storied Italian brand with multiple pieces in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, takes that ethos a step further by opening a home decorated almost entirely with its furnishings, both new and vintage. It’s not just for popping by and test-driving a few chairs, either—“friends of Zanotta” can use the residence for events or meetings, and invite-only overnight stays are gratis.

The concept, dubbed Zanotta House, is located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, in a landmarked 5,500-square-foot building that dates to 1912, so it’s long on charm. Tihany Design, the project’s interior design partner for its first iteration, paired Zanotta pieces with mural-like carpets by CC-Tapis and colorful artworks by Mr. Brainwash.

Zanotta considered all aspects of living for the house in an effort to make it feel less white-wall gallery and more a space where interested parties can organically interact with and live with its furnishings, including the beanbag Sacco chair or the Rider chaise longue. To round out the experience, the brand is bringing in glassware and ceramics from other Italian plus pots, pans and other kitchen objects from Alessi. Zanotta can also use the space as a sort of lab for experimenting with new designs and seeing how they function in different residential settings.

Zanotta House New York

The colorful interior of the “landmark” residence.  Zanotta

That being said, obviously Zanotta House is first and foremost a place where interested parties can stop in and stay awhile. “The community of design in New York is huge,” says Francesco Secchioroli, who oversees Zanotta’s American operations. “We wanted that community to go through the house, and live a moment of the life. That was the goal when we first talked about this project.” Guests can (and should) take a dip in the indoor pool or host an alfresco gathering on the rooftop deck. The only downside? You may encounter some unofficial paparazzi during your stay: Taylor Swift once lived here, and her fans still take pictures outside and leave letters in the mailbox.

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