The Biggest Secret To Making Money Online

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This one is obvious, yet most beginners don’t get it. Here’s the secret… You only make money when you sell. That’s it. No matter what type of marketing you’re doing, you ONLY make money when you sell something. You could be doing affiliate marketing or e-commerce, or product creation… Whatever it may be, you still only make money when you sell.

You make money by selling your services, even for those providing graphic design, content creation, etc. You must focus on selling! Like they say, “Always be selling.” There’s just no getting away from this fact. No amount of learning or buying products and software will ever make you money online if you do not sell. Read that again.

It is so important. It would be best if you avoid getting infected with shiny object syndrome. What’s shiny object syndrome?

‘Shiny object syndrome’ is a term commonly used in internet marketing to refer to marketers who keep buying new products that hit the market but never act on the information they accept.

All they seem to do is buy and buy and buy, but they need to apply what they learn. They may try some of the methods, but before anything can gain traction, they quit and start something new. In the make-money-online space, thousands of products keep coming out. They have flashy sales pages and sales copy that’s hyped up and promises easy profits that will give you the lifestyle of a celebrity rapper.

In reality, most products are rehashed and untested theories that don’t work. However, thousands of beginners have to spend a ton of their money on these products and never make a cent in return. Shiny object syndrome is one of the biggest reasons why most people online fail to make money. They are so busy buying that they never do any selling.

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The five tips below will help you to vaccinate yourself against this ‘syndrome’ that kills your chances of online success.

Most of it is noise

That’s right. Most products are released by serial product creators who do not practice what they preach. It would be best to watch what these marketers are doing instead of what they’re saying. The money is in product creation and selling these products. Forget about the hype and loopholes that their systems promise. If their methods were so good, they’d be doing it themselves, but most never practice what they preach.

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Focus on just one method.

Pick a sustainable method in the long run—for example, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc. Pick just one plan and stick to it till you make it work. Only get products related to what you’re doing and nothing more.

Your chosen method must be a proven business model and not some sneaky loophole that may never work.

Stick to proven products and reputable sellers.

Do your research and only buy information products or software that has been proven to work or created by credible sellers. Ask for reviews and see if anyone has benefitted from these products. The hard truth is that most products have a short shelf life because they’re neither useful nor effective.

Get the right tools only.

It’s inevitable to reach a point where you need tools to run your online business. You may need membership software, autoresponders, ebook creators, etc. Always choose one that is good.

Even if the good ones are a little pricey, you should invest in them. Cheaper alternatives may be unreliable and break down. In some cases, the products may not even deliver what they promise. So exercise due diligence and stick to proven products that have stood the test of time.

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Segment your emails

As a marketer, you’ll be inundated with emails from other marketers. All these emails will usually be for offers screaming for your attention. Unsubscribe from lists that offer no value… and for those lists that you are on, do segment the emails to go into separate folders. You can check them once in a while when you’re free. You’ll be less tempted to splurge on new products you don’t need.

Other than these five tips, do your best not to buy products that you won’t use immediately or within a short while. Do not buy products you might use ‘one day.’ In most cases, that one day won’t come.

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