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Steps To Mastering Your Mindset And Accomplishing Any Goal.

Love What You Do

You have a dream! Now, how do you make it happen?
First, imagine that it is accurate. See every detail so clearly that you can reach out and touch it. You can feel the emotions of being there.

For example, if you want a particular car, then what kind is it? What color is it? Imagine sitting in it like you will when it is brand new. How does it feel? How does it smell? Go for a drive in your car. If it’s a convertible, drive with the top down!

Experience the wind blowing in your face and through your hair. Hear the sounds around you. If you can take a real test drive in one, do that! Get a picture and post it where you will see it each day. Do this visualization several times a day until it becomes part of you. This action is essential because your subconscious will help you reach your goals and achieve your dream.

Next, break the big dream down into specific, measurable goals to get you there. If you pursue something that costs a certain amount, like a car, you will set a date on when you want to have this money.
Once you have your date, then break your timeline down into segments. Perhaps you set the date one year from today. So the next step is to break that down into a goal for each month, week, and day. It may be easier to start with the days and then multiply them by weeks and months.

Now that you know your specific timeline, you need to determine the actions you can take to reach each goal. If it is a money goal, like in the example above, you know how much money you need to put away daily.

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So now you need to figure out what actions you need to take each day to be able to do that.
If your goal is accomplishing a project, your timeline will be broken down into steps you need to finish to complete the whole project.

For example, if you are writing a book, you may need to do some research before writing it. So the first major accomplishment on your way to that goal is to complete the investigation.

Then you need to set a time to complete your basic outline. Then a time to complete each chapter. Then a time for editing. You can break each significant step down into little steps that must be done daily to finish the entire book by your target date.

Now that you see what you will need to do each day to achieve your big goal ask yourself if each day’s task is reasonable. Be truthful. If you know you can do what is required daily, you have your plan. If it is complicated to meet each day’s requirement, then extend your timeline until you have something you know you can do every day.

This way, you are setting yourself up for sure success!
Like the ancient philosopher said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” No matter how big your dream is, if you break it down into baby steps that you can do each day, you will find your journey to success filled with the joy of achieving many goals.

Reaching your smaller goals will assure you that you are on your way to achieving your dream! You will gain the confidence you need to continue and receive the desire to do whatever actions are required each day!
Celebrate achieving even the little goals, and enjoy your journey to inevitable success!

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