Prota Fiori, The First Woman-Owned Sustainable Luxury Footwear Brand Made In Italy Is Now A Certified B Corp

Prota Fiori, a woman-owned sustainable luxury footwear brand sourced and made in Italy has achieved B Corp Certification. Founder and CEO Jennifer Stucko discusses the certification, founding of the company, how it sources its materials, works with its supply chains, growth plans. Check out full story here Source

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  1. A spokesperson for Twitch said the company removed a livestream by the Buffalo grocery store massacre suspect less than two minutes after the violence started.

  2. The White House says it will transport its first batch of baby formula from overseas. This comes amid growing outrage as the shortage stretches into its third month. Autumn Guyer, a mother experiencing the shortage firsthand, joins CNN’s Erin Burnett after confronting another woman hoarding baby formula.

  3. As the turbulent waters begin to recede — after forcing Yellowstone National Park to close temporarily and prompting the evacuations of dozens of local residents — park officials and southern Montana communities are assessing the catastrophic damage while also bracing for the possibility of more flooding in the coming days.

  4. A woman allegedly made anti-Asian remarks and pepper-sprayed four people in New York City over the weekend, authorities said.

  5. Extreme heat is forecast again for a large swath of the Mideast and Southeast on Wednesday, testing power grids and leaving more than 88 million people under heat warnings or advisories.

  6. Chile’s rainfall levels have dropped to record lows during a historic 13-year drought. See all that’s left on the cracked earth that was once a flourishing lake.

  7. Russian and Belarusian players will be allowed to compete at the 2022 US Open, the US Tennis Association (USTA) announced on Tuesday, despite Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

  8. When my father unexpectedly died in 2016, I rushed home to North Carolina. The 6 hour-drive was exhausting, more emotionally than physically. Once there, I was unsettled, not just by the shock, but knowing my father died the day before on the couch I was now staring at and wouldn’t dare sit on. A situation not unlike one anyone who has lost a parent has faced.

  9. After the deadliest school massacre in almost a decade, two governors have committed at least $100 million to try to help prevent similar tragedies.

  10. While TikTok’s short-form videos are entertaining, that’s “just the sheep’s clothing,” a Federal Communications Commission official said, and the app should be removed from app stores because of security issues.

  11. The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack will enter a crucial fact-finding phase in August as it pursues new leads and revisits previously reluctant witnesses to prepare for more hearings in September.

  12. Diapers are a notoriously large expense for caregivers of newborns, toddlers and adults suffering from incontinence.

  13. Taking a higher dose of vitamin D to protect your bones isn’t necessary if you are a healthy middle-aged or older adult with no existing bone disease or vitamin D deficiency, a new study found. Vitamin D is needed by the body to fully absorb calcium and phosphorus from food.

  14. • Supreme Court justice mocks foreign leaders who criticized reversal of Roe v. Wade
    • Indiana AG’s investigation into Dr. Caitlin Bernard involves complaints from people who never interacted with her, her attorney says

  15. A CNN review of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort raises new concerns over the home being able to meet the standards needed to store classified documents. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

  16. You’ve long been able buy a convertible version of the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro right off the lot. Now, after 14 years on the market, the modern Dodge Challenger, considered somewhat of a competitor to those two “pony cars,” will finally be available as a convertible you can order straight from the dealership.

  17. About 13,000 pounds of frozen pizza made by Home Run Inn Frozen Food is being recalled because of potential metal contamination.

  18. Friday, August 12, 10:40 a.m. I park my bike in a gravel patch near the Chautauqua Amphitheater, wedging a rock beneath the kickstand so it will not fall. The woman who checks my ticket at the gate is accompanied today by a state trooper and a police dog — not usual for this rural arts community, but warranted: today’s speaker, Salman Rushdie, has lived under threat since his book, “The Satanic Verses,” was published over three decades ago. I zigzag my way down steep stairs to the floor, noticing another trooper standing guard.

  19. The Department of Education said Tuesday that it will cancel $3.9 billion in student loan debt for 208,000 students who attended the now-defunct for-profit ITT Technical Institute — bringing the total amount of loan discharges approved under President Joe Biden to nearly $32 billion.

  20. The US Air Force on Tuesday tested an unarmed nuclear-capable long-range missile, according to the Air Force Global Strike Command.

  21. Fourteen years after R. Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges in Illinois, he is back in his hometown facing more federal charges that involve some of the tapes and victims from his previous state trial.

  22. Retired Olympic rugby sevens gold medalist Ellia Green has become the first Olympian to transition to become a man, according to a video posted by the Bingham Cup, the biennial world championships of gay and inclusive rugby.

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