Inside a Smart $25 Million Malibu Mansion With a Drawbridge and Car Elevator

While it’s always great to own a home with a renowned architect’s name attached, often these legends of the past leave behind historic houses that have to be brought up-to-date to suit 21st-century needs. Luckily, those looking for a balance of bragging rights and futuristic tech can snag up a new listing in Malibu: a smart home designed by the revered Pierre Koenig. Yours if you’ve got a spare $25 million sitting around.

The late architect was known for creating glass-and-steel homes on the West Coast. He’s best known, though, for his series of Case Study Houses, most notably Case Study House #22, a residence high in the Hollywood Hills that became the quintessential modernist California abode after it was captured by celebrated photographer Julius Shulman. One of #22’s biggest selling points was its views—Koenig allegedly remarked that the sights at this new Malibu listing rival that of his most famous abode.

Malibu, Pierre Koenig

The rooms look out onto spectacular ocean views  Photo: Nils Timm

Unfortunately, Koenig passed away in 2004 before the beach home was completed. He had designed it for a friend, film producer Michael LaFetra; the architect’s partner, James Taylor, completed the project to match Koenig’s specifications. The home is now owned by real-estate developer Jeffrey Fish, who previously shopped it for $20 million last February.

Malibu, Pierre Koenig

The living room  Photo: Nils Timm

The home is designed for paradisal indoor-outdoor living with glass walls that provide spectacular views of the ocean and let light in from virtually every room. And, since it’s tucked into the cliffside itself, it feels suitably private.

Malibu, Pierre Koenig

The kitchen  Photo: Nils Timm

Thankfully the home has plenty of high-tech bells and whistles, too, including a retractable drawbridge, a car elevator, a heated flooring and a smart home system. It’s also solar powered, so everything about the property feels up-to-date. If anything, it feels a bit like something out of a Mission Impossible flick.

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All that’s left, of course, is for this important piece of architecture to find a new owner. Check out more photos below:

Malibu, Pierre Koenig

One of the bedrooms  Photo: Nils Timm

Malibu, Pierre Koenig

One of the bathrooms  Photo: Nils Timm

Malibu, Pierre Koenig

The lower level  Photo: Nils Timm


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