How to Make Better Use of Rooftop Spaces

We live in an exciting and busy world, with awe-inspiring skyscrapers and developments that open the door for future possibilities. With great investment happening in some of the country’s most vibrant cities, there is innovation and creativity everywhere you look.


It’s already a known fact that finding available space in city centers has been a challenge for decades. Now, architects and designers are becoming more creative and inventive to overcome the challenge, finding clever ways to add value to bustling cities through environmentally-friendly solutions and spaces that promote wellbeing. Here, Brett Landscaping explores some of these solutions and the difference they could make to urban areas.

Creative & inspirational urban areas

Today’s architects are under increased pressure to take a multi-faceted approach to plan, design, and manage public spaces, through placemaking practices. There is quickly becoming a bigger focus on how to best use the available space to promote a community’s wellbeing and health.

What’s more, it’s important that today’s architects working with developers focus on the idea of ‘betterment’, and being able to improve a plot of land through the design and build, so that it is an upgrade on what was already there.

With so many large and tall buildings now dominating the skyline of the UK’s cities, there comes a new opportunity to tap into the roof areas of those buildings that aren’t currently being used. Many projects that are built at ground level will work just as well on a rooftop, thanks to specially engineered pedestal systems and accompanying products. So, when it comes to commercial buildings, you now have the chance to do something unique and experiment with a new way of designing.

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Get together at the rooftop space of your home  - how to make better use of rooftop spaces - How to Make Better Use of Rooftop Spaces

Leisure and hospitality

Architects must now work with developers to ensure that leisure and hospitality spaces meet the needs of today, taking into consideration the environmental and economic needs of the area. Sourcing new units for rooftop bistros and bars is an exciting prospect that can open up a world of luxury and exclusivity, creating popular hangouts for both local people and visitors.

The elevated position of a restaurant or coffee shop can be the perfect destination for a summer hangout, while at night the twinkling lights and faint sound of music and chatter can be awe-inspiring and intriguing to those on the ground. You only have to look at existing rooftop bars to know that having a new rooftop space is an extra jewel in the city’s crown. 


The rooftop of traditional retail spaces is typically reserved for parking or even service areas, but why not step in and change the status quo? The highest point of a building can prove a very valuable space for the modern shopping experience, which is something an architect can capitalize on.

A rooftop shopping area can provide the space, light, and air that traditional shopping centers lack. In turn, this can draw customers in and deliver an area in which they will actually want to spend time, as well as making purchases. Combine your retail space with outdoor areas for a positive shopping experience, instead of a stressful one.

Recreational spaces

It’s important to ensure that green spaces continue to be a priority, with sustainable and environmentally-friendly areas for communities to enjoy and take advantage of. With space at a premium in urban areas, unused rooftops are a great location for parks, gardens, sports facilities, and more. 

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Architects and developers can tap into this space to ensure communities have access to wellbeing facilities, providing areas for occupants to exercise, relax and socialize.


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