How to Get Free Bitcoin

- how to get free bitcoin - How to Get Free Bitcoin

If you aren’t lucky with earning through trading Bitcoin, you can try out other ways available at your disposal. This not only eliminates the danger of losing your income but also gives you a hustle-free way of growing your crypto portfolio. Go to the website to learn more about bitcoin.

While it may be time-consuming to complete tasks on various platforms in order to earn Bitcoin, it is one of the surest and cost-effective ways you can earn Bitcoin with ease.

In this article, we highlight a few ways you can earn Bitcoin without having to invest a single coin.

#1. Mining

The top on the list is mining. You do not have to invest in sophisticated mining equipment and technology to earn Bitcoin. All you need is to install the relevant mining software on your device to mine Bitcoin.

Even though this comes with high energy consumption, you can easily mine Bitcoin straight from your mobile device. The bottom line is that you need to invest in a high-priced phone to enable you to mine with ease.

#2. Get Paid in Bitcoin

Another way you can earn Bitcoin without investing is getting paid in bitcoin. That way, you can easily earn a lot of Bitcoin without risking your money. You just need to encourage your employer to pay you in Bitcoin.

Alternatively, you can as well register on various crypto-based platforms to work and get paid. So far many employers around the world are already paying employees in Bitcoin. Whether you are new to Bitcoin or an established trader, you can leverage Bitcoin payments to grow your crypto portfolio.

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#3. Complete Tasks

There is an array of websites where you can complete tasks to earn Bitcoins. Such websites include jobs4Bitcoins, Blocklancer, Bitfortip, bonus, and many others. These websites come with an array of tasks that you can complete to get paid in Bitcoin.

Therefore whether you are just starting with Bitcoin or looking for ways you can earn extra bitcoins without trading, these platforms unlock many opportunities that you can explore to earn free Bitcoin.

Some of the tasks that you can complete on such platforms include completing surveys, website testing, completing small tasks, analyzing websites among other activities. 

#4. Sale products

If you are an entrepreneur, you can integrate a Bitcoin payment gateway on your platform. This will allow buyers to pay in Bitcoin. To receive Bitcoin payment, you have to notify and display the Bitcoin payment option on your platform to allow buyers to pay in Bitcoin.

Therefore to earn Bitcoin, simply add a Bitcoin payment gateway to your store.

#5. Accept Bitcoin Gifts

Whether you have friends or relatives that are familiar with Bitcoins, should they want to offer you gifts, simply encourage them to send Bitcoin. That would make it easy for you to earn Bitcoin without having to break the bank.

Whether you have a birthday party, a new year party, or any other function, you can encourage your friends, employers, and relatives to pay you in Bitcoin.


If you find it challenging to earn Bitcoin via trading, you can opt to receive gifts in the form of Bitcoin. That way, you not only save on the cost of energy and technology in mining but also eliminate the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency.

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Even though it may be challenging to encourage people to offer gifts in the form of Bitcoin, the strategy may yield good results if you execute it properly.

The bottom line is that you should only encourage those familiar with crypto to stimulate the process. Requesting gifts from the wrong people may not earn you the Bitcoin that you may need.


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