How Cannabis Can Help Patients with COVID-19

In the United States, doctors and scientists are trying to find new methods of saving the patients’ lives with the most severe form of COVID-19. Some US scientists agree that CBD, one of the harmless ingredients found in hemp, may help with this. Why can CBD help treat patients with Covid-19? Let’s find out!

Basic Studies and Trials

In the spring of 2020, Canadian scientists from the University of Lethbridge claimed that some Sativa hemp strains could defeat the virus — at least in vitro. Among the numerous positive properties of cannabidiol (CBD) — one of the most famous non-psychoactive cannabinoids, another feature was discovered. CBD binds the membrane protein ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme), which has an affinity for surface complexes of coronaviruses, including the causative agent of Covid-19.

When bounding to the surface complexes of coronaviruses that form “spikes” on the membranes of viral particles, the ACE2 protein launches chains of synthesis of bioactive substances that cause a cytokine storm in the body — this is how doctors call an overly intense immune response when defensive cells start to beat their own cells without analysis. It is estimated that CBD presented in Delta 8 carts online, canna gummies and oil, blocks up to 70% of the ACE2 molecules, while the risk of infection is reduced by 70–80%.

However, the medicinal properties of cannabis do not end there. Cannabis extracts with high concentrations of CBD may prevent and mitigate the complications of Covid-19. The inclusion of CBD drugs in treatment protocols for coronavirus pneumonia may prevent the development of life-threatening conditions:

  • acute respiratory distress syndrome (progressive respiratory failure);
  • the spread of the inflammatory process to the heart muscle (myocarditis);
  • blood clotting disorders and increased blood clotting;
  • acute renal failure;
  • pulmonary edema.
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However, scientists are in no rush to celebrate the victory over the coronavirus and are waiting for the final results of this research. The encouraging outcome of laboratory experiments is only the first stage of a long journey. For the successful use of canna oils in the treatment of coronavirus pneumonia, the efficiency of cannabis must be proven in vivo by a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study.

Details of the Study

The data obtained by American and Israeli experts expand and deepen the findings of Canadian scientists. As it turned out, not only CBD has positive properties, but also other components of canna oils — terpenes. They are found in many essential oils and have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which can be of great help in the fight against coronavirus. In addition, terpenes tend to synergize and mutually reinforce the action of each other as well as other cannabinoids.

Cannabis for COVID-19 patients  - how cannabis can help patients with covid 19 - How Cannabis Can Help Patients with COVID-19

Now, to suppress the inadequate immune response to Covid-19, the drug dexamethasone from the group of corticosteroids is used, turning a blind eye to the impressive list of side effects. After a series of experiments on mice, researchers at Augusta University in Georgia believe they have found a more adequate alternative: according to scientists, the combination of CBD and thirty terpenes isolated from hemp block the cytokine storm three times more effectively.


As of November 3, over 9,2 million people are infected with coronavirus in the US. 11 975 of them are serious and critical cases. Searches for an adequate coronavirus treatment are continuing both in the country and around the world. Clinical trials of CBD treatment should not stop, as they can potentially help millions of people in a critical state to survive. Perhaps, it can become the first step towards finding a cure. By the way, what is your opinion on CBD prescriptions as a treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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