Forget Surround Sound. LG’s New Media Chair Concept Is More Like Surround TV.


LG Display’s new “Media Chair” concept could be the future of at-home entertainment.

The manufacturer announced it will showcase the futuristic recliner at the CES 2022 event in January. Designed as the ultimate relaxation device, the chair sits inside of a semi-circular structure equipped with a 55-inch OLED display. The screen has a curved radius of 1,500R and comes with the company’s built-in Cinematic Sound technology. This feature enables the display to vibrate and make its own sound without the addition of external speakers—allowing you to remain totally in-tune with your surroundings.

Depending on what you’re watching, the chair’s display pivot function may also come in handy. With the touch of a button on the right armrest’s touchscreen control panel, users will be able to rotate the display between vertical and horizontal angles. This allows you to customize your viewing experience and adjust the screen to fit whatever content you’re watching. Meanwhile, tens of millions of self-emitting pixels eliminate the need for a separate backlight, which make for excellent picture quality; the same tech allows LG to make screens that are  bendable, foldable and rollable.

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The horizontal view of the curved 55-inch display.  LG Display


LG Display is known as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of OLED and flexible displays. Founded in 1999, and based in Seoul, South Korea, the company also specializes in LED displays featuring IPS technology, which allows you to enjoy the same visual from any angle thanks to its horizontal liquid crystal arrangement. The electronics maker unveiled the world’s first flexible OLED TV at CES in 2014.

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The annual Las Vegas-based trade show, owned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is considered the most influential tech event in the world, showcasing every aspect of the sector from 3d printing to robotics. (Its first event dates back to June 1967 in New York City.) LG Display plans to introduce other innovative concepts at the 2022 trade show as well, including “Virtual Ride,” an indoor stationary bicycle with three 55-inch OLED displays set in front and above the user.

At the time of this writing, CES 2022 is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from January 5-8. Visit and the CES website for more information.


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