Everyone Is Moving to Hawaii; Here’s What You Need to Know For A Successful Move

In the post-COVID era of working from home, luxury destinations have received new life as young and old flock to their dream homes all over the country and world. Hawaii is at the top of the exotic destination list. Many who found working from home difficult in their current circumstances this year have decided to upgrade their accommodations and improve their quality of life. What better place than paradise? No one who visits Hawaii regrets it, and many more who visit each year are returning to purchase primary or secondary residences on its many beautiful shores. So, what do you need to know to make your Hawaii move a success?

Ship Your Car


First, you’ll want to consider these car shipping companies for relocating your transportation. While you can certainly move your own vehicles to Hawaii, luxury is your destination, and you have better things to do. It’s time to sit back and let a professional shipping company handle your biggest moving asset. These companies pride themselves on transporting your vehicles with the utmost security and efficiency for the best price available. Depending on your needs and priorities, you can find a company that ships quickly, conveniently, and safely.


Because the logistical situation of moving to Hawaii requires loading vehicles and other valuables onto transport ferries, it’s much easier to get a shipping company that knows the ropes to help you with your relocation needs. Get your quote and book them as early as possible, clean out your vehicle (most companies will carry only 100 extra pounds without charging more), then sit back and wait for your vehicle pickup or drop-off. This link has all you need to know about shipping your cars to Hawaii.

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Real Estate

Not only is this tropical destination your new home away from home, but you’ll also be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Hawaii is the new up-and-coming location for the wealthy and glitterati, according to this Forbes article. Many of the newly rich and some big names have already made Hawaii their home, and you could be next among them. While moving to Hawaii presents only a few more logistical problems than moving to any other state, the return on your investment may be greater in terms of real estate, room to grow, and, of course, a relaxing atmosphere. Hawaii has perfect weather, beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and a more relaxed atmosphere and culture than the mainland. Expect to pay a premium for paradise, however, as these estates are not cheap.

If you’re from the Midwest or South, expect a steep incline in living expenses, especially those surrounding property ownership. California residents may find Hawaii offers a slight price break, depending on location. Even rent is more expensive in Hawaii, and though property taxes are relatively low, housing costs and utilities are sky-high. Keep in mind each Hawaiian Island has its own real estate market and cultural differences, so be sure to research your living needs and availability before you start your moving process. Check out this guide to living in the Hawaiian Islands.



If you’re considering a move to Hawaii, you might want to go armed with employment. In our current work-from-home climate, this shouldn’t present a problem for the upwardly mobile. If you work in a traditional setting, however, you may want to start your job hunt before you put down a housing payment. If you’re looking for a new start in the job market, Hawaii has limited options, but, depending on which island and culture you choose, you may find something just right. Since tourism is still the most profitable niche on the islands, consider a career in hospitality, travel, retail, or other tourist operations. Don’t forget the cost of living is high in Hawaii, but the good news is that so is the median wage.

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If you’re a golfer or into water sports, Hawaii is the perfect location for indulging your wild side. The islands offer an abundance of outdoor activities with sweeping backdrops and unforgettable vistas. The beaches are legendary, volcanoes abound, and national parks make for excellent tourist and local attractions. You will also experience beautiful nature hikes, waterfalls, black sand beaches, and thrilling animal encounters. Do your research on each of the islands’ cultures and attractions before making your choice. Each island has its own vibe for you to discover and enjoy, and traveling between islands is common and easy. Plan to enjoy all the islands have to offer.


Choose How to Move

Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? You may find the minimalism of moving to Hawaii with only a few suitcases or boxes appealing. Be sure you at least go armed with employment and housing plans. Once there, you can buy or import anything else you need. Remember it can be harder to find the products you’re used to on an island and keep in mind it can take up to a week to get items from Amazon or other retailers from the mainland.

If you have a more complicated situation to deal with, consider hiring packing and moving companies or a hybrid company to help you with relocation. These companies can do everything from packing and unpacking your home to organizing the logistics of inter-island delivery. Book them early for the best deals, and be sure to include insurance.

If you’re ready to make the leap to your new Hawaiian home, upscale living can help you make the transition. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to live your best life, dress to impress, find friends, or get car shipping costs, this magazine offers a variety of helpful articles and guides. Get ready to say “aloha!”

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