Do You Own Rental Properties? Here’s How To Keep Them Clean

Whether you are a rental property manager or are finding tenants for your properties, preparing the premises for your next tenants after the previous ones leave can become an overwhelming task if not managed properly. The ultimate goal is to keep the property well maintained and take care of minor details without cutting corners. Hang on as we discuss several proven ways that will help you keep rental properties clean and make them rent-ready within no time.

Inspect Your Property

Being at the property when tenants move out is a crucial aspect of maintaining them. You can inspect the premises with the tenant and check for any possible damages. Make a list and discuss with the tenant about the repairs you will be paying for and which repairs are the tenant’s responsibility. After you are done, ask the tenant to hand over the keys to the property including any duplicates if any.

Photographic Records

Having visual evidence of the rental property before handing it over to the tenant can solve plenty of issues that could arise when tenants move out. It might take some time, but try to document each area in detail so that you can easily compare how the property has changed over time.

Replace the Carpets

Cleaning carpets with vacuums and deep cleaning detergents might work for some carpets. However, replacing them would be the best possible option because carpets can soak up a lot of debris which cannot be removed easily. Even if you manage to clean the carpet, there is a possibility of pest infestation which can only be prevented by replacing them. If you rent out your property less often, you can choose neutral or dark colors for a cleaner look.

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Clean the Premises

A deep cleaning session may take time before letting new tenants move in, but it is essential to do so to ensure the property is clean and give yourself time for resolving any issues. Keep an eye out for key areas like the bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms which should feel and be as hygienic as possible. Because cleanliness is of utmost importance in a rental, setting a regular schedule for a vacation rental cleaning session is necessary; you should make a checklist of the areas that need to be cleaned the most and proceed accordingly. Making a list ensures you never miss out on anything important that needs cleaning. If you don’t have enough time to clean on your own or find the task overwhelming, consider hiring professional cleaners as they can manage these issues in no time.

As there are a variety of cleaning service providers that offer a variety of services for any type of apartment, it is always best to properly research available options and to look for trusted reviews. Exploring several professional cleaning services will help you decide the service that suits you the best. After you have decided on the service, read their terms of agreement and ensure that there are no hidden charges besides the quoted service price.

Conduct Repairs

When you are inspecting the building, carry a notebook with you and write down the things that need to be repaired. From broken door hinges to leaking pipes, note everything down and create an action plan to resolve them. Water damage to the roof, ceiling, and walls is normally the result of water pipe leakage. It is crucial to give time for a thorough inspection of water pipes each time a tenant moves out as leaving a leaking water pipe unattended can massively damage the property. If you are unsure about water leakage, hiring a professional to check for leakage issues is the best possible option.

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Work on Landscaping

Maintaining the landscape of your property is essential for an impressive outlook. Houses with poor landscaping seem unappealing and might result in a failed agreement. Landscaping services are a great option to consider for timely cutting, pruning, and trimming the landscape plants.

Paint Walls

Over time, paints get damaged due to environmental exposure that can be repaired and patched over for a neat and fresh feel. If you have the budget, consider repainting the house as tenants always prefer a freshly painted home over an old one. Nowadays, we have the option to go for paint patchwork that elevates indoor aesthetics. Other options include putting wallpapers and wall-sized PVC sheets if you don’t want to paint each time you rent out the property.

Rental Property  - do you own rental properties heres how to keep them clean - Do You Own Rental Properties? Here’s How To Keep Them Clean

Managing a rental property is indeed a challenging task. By following the above-mentioned tips, identifying the issues and resolving them timely will ensure that your rental properties stay clean and protected from damages. It is always best if you research the ways and devise an action plan on your own to get the best outcomes.


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