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- clips from todays halftime report - Clips From Today’s Halftime Report

We’re taking advantage of market volatility to invest in PayPal, Square, says Josh Brown from CNBC.

I doubt the taper will speed up or that it will have a significant impact, says Josh Brown from CNBC.

Final Trades: Apple, H&R Block, GM & more from CNBC.


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  1. Sen. Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat, announced Sunday that he suffered a “minor stroke” over the weekend and is hospitalized. He said in a statement that his doctors have told him “there are no long-term effects or damage as a result of this incident.”

  2. Senate Democrats are ready to drop some of their most pressing demands to restrict access to guns amid the nationwide onslaught of massacres. But even that may not be enough to reach a deal with Republicans.

  3. The national average for a gallon of regular gas reached $5.004 as of Saturday, according to AAA.

  4. There’s good news and bad news on the gas prices front. Good news: Some price relief could be on the way. The bad news: It’s because traders are betting on a recession.

  5. After nearly 50 years, the US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood v. Casey and their related precedents, returning to the American people once again the authority to govern ourselves on the vexed matter of abortion through the deliberative processes of the political branches of government — as is the case in the majority of nations around the world.

  6. Robert Nightingale, a passenger on the Amtrak train that collided with a dump truck, describes the scene after the train derailed.

  7. Journalists from leading international media organizations, including Reuters and CNN, have been barred from covering official ceremonies during Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong later this week.

  8. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell has issued a major warning to Democrats: Republicans won’t agree to a bill to bolster US competitiveness with China if Democrats continue to pursue an economic agenda they are trying to pass along straight party lines this summer.

  9. Aaron Stark, who penned a letter titled “I was almost a school shooter,” joins CNN’s Pamela Brown to react to some of the recent mass shootings in the US, and discusses the mindset behind mass shootings.

  10. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella on Thursday after several key parties in his coalition boycotted a confidence vote in the government Wednesday night. The move plunges the European Union’s third-largest economy into fresh political turmoil.

  11. Any legislation that manages to navigate Congress successfully is noteworthy these days, but the CHIPS Act, passed by the Senate Wednesday, represents an especially significant inflection point for the United States. We may finally be ready to do what it takes to support critical industries operating on our shores.

  12. Eating more natural, unprocessed food, keeping active and having a good social life are all ways you can fight off dementia as you age, according to two new studies published Wednesday in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

  13. Several Republican senators said Tuesday they had not made decisions about whether they will vote in favor of a bill codifying same-sex marriage, but three supporters of the legislation were upbeat they would find enough GOP votes to overcome a filibuster and eventually pass the bill.

  14. • Rudy Giuliani ordered to appear in front of Georgia grand jury
    • Opinion: Republican extremists defending Trump could complicate their party’s chances

  15. Rudy Giuliani was ordered by an Atlanta-area judge Tuesday to appear in person on August 17 in front of the special purpose grand jury investigating whether former President Donald Trump and his allies violated the law in their efforts to flip the 2020 election results in Georgia.

  16. Once again, breaking news about former President Donald Trump has caused political shockwaves, sending speculation into overdrive on “what it all means” for Trump, the GOP and the November elections.

  17. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that the league feels Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson should face harsher punishment for his “egregious” and “predatory” behavior.

  18. • Giuliani appearing before Atlanta grand jury
    • Judge says Jenna Ellis must appear before grand jury investigating 2020 election plot

  19. Samson Williams was working in the mortgage lending industry in 2014 when a colleague convinced him to invest in cryptocurrency.

  20. • Her slaying went unsolved for 34 years. Police say they identified her killer after he licked an envelope
    • Video: Families turn to these YouTube divers to find lost loved ones

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