Choose the Right Awning With These Useful Tips

Awnings are a great way to add shelter and shade to your outdoor living space. Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ and want to keep your friends safe from the sun’s rays, or you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy morning without getting soaked, awnings have you covered. They’re an excellent addition to any type of outdoor living space, whether it is a porch, patio, or garden and they can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. This article will provide you with valuable pointers that will help guide your choice in the color, material, and style of awning that is right for you. Read on to find out more!

1. Carefully Choose The Material

The first consideration you should make is the type of material. Different materials demand different levels of upkeep and are more suited to particular types of homes rather than others. The two most common materials are aluminum and outdoor fabrics. Aluminum is a very durable, long-lasting material that requires little to no upkeep. Outdoor fabrics are available in cotton, vinyl, or acrylic and come in several different weights. They require a little bit more maintenance than aluminum awnings. You should choose the material type based on your location because different types of materials are better suited to different climates. For example, if you live in an area with hot weather such as Florida, you can choose an outdoor fabric. If this is your case, then choosing fabric awnings in FL will totally satisfy your needs. On the other hand, if you live in colder climates, aluminum is the more popular choice.

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2. Choose The Angle

This might sound confusing, but it is very simple. It all depends on where you want to put the awning. Think about the position of your porch, patio, or garden if you haven’t done so already. A sidewall will need an angled awning whereas a front porch will require a flat one. This point should be easy to figure out, but it is essential you have a clear image in your mind of what you need before proceeding to the next step. If you can’t decide, or you want to make changes later on, no problem. You can always request a custom-made awning at an additional price depending on size and material type.

3. Choose the Right Size

Awnings come in many different shapes and sizes, but determining what you need can be a little tricky if you’re not sure where to begin. If it is going on a front porch, then you want to choose one that is just big enough when it’s retracted. This way, when it is extended, there will be ample room for people to sit around it when it is in use. If your porch or patio has a door, then measure how much space you have between your opening and where the awning will be mounted. Remember, allow for some wiggle room so that you can open and close the door if necessary without hitting the awning. For sidewall applications, a common rule of thumb that works very well with this type of awning is to choose one that will extend an inch or two past each side of your house. This way, you’ll have complete protection from the rain and a little privacy too. 

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awning for your home  - choose the right awning with these useful tips - Choose the Right Awning With These Useful Tips

4. Choose The Awning Style

You have a choice of many styles when it comes to awnings, but you need to decide what kind will look best for your home and the surrounding environment in which it sits.  For example, if you live in a modern home and your garage is detached, then an L-shaped awning might be the best choice for you. However, if you live in a more historic home in a traditional neighborhood, a box-style awning maybe your best option. This is important because you don’t want your awning to stand out too much. The last thing you want is for it to look like an eyesore or detract from the aesthetics of your home.

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5. Determine The Color

Awnings come in many colors, and the traditional color choices are tan, beige, or white. However, you can choose just about any color you want nowadays. If your awning is going on a front porch, we recommend choosing a color that will match your home and blend in. Beige and tan work great for this type of application because they are neutral colors and don’t stand out too much.

6. Determine Your Needs

There are three main things that determine what type of awning you should buy: sun exposure, privacy, and shelter from the rain. If you are planning to use your awning for sun exposure, then the fabric type is important because different types of fabrics offer varying levels of UV protection. Privacy is another consideration that also depends on the material because certain materials are better at blocking the view from outside. Finally, depending on where the awning is going to be placed, you’ll need to determine whether it will be exposed to rain. The choice in the material will depend on the weather, but if you’re uncertain about where exactly you want to place your awning, then aluminum is a good option because it can withstand just about anything nature has in store.

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Choosing the right awning might be tough, but it is something you should not take lightly. Your choice will determine how well your outdoor space functions. So consider what you need based on exposure to weather, privacy needs, and design preference before choosing the perfect awning for your home. Also, there are many more things to consider when you are making this decision. The choice of color, material, and style are all important factors that determine whether your awning will function properly. Once you have made these choices, you can proceed with taking measurements of the area where the awning is going to be installed. Your local hardware store is the best place to look for different types of awnings. We hope you have found these tips helpful. 


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