Breaking Bad Habits Of Failure

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People living today are extremely lucky.

50 years ago the internet never even existed, and cable TV was something you read about in sci-fi magazines. Now, thanks to the internet, you can find information on virtually anything you want, instantly. Something which was only a dream just 10 years ago.

Yet with all this information available to us, people still cannot become successful in life. Why is this? After all, there is so much self-help information available telling us how to be successful, but most people still cannot achieve success. And why do people still suffer from depression, when there are so many books telling them how to live a significant life?

The fact is, information is not the problem. And no matter how much technology advances, people will always have the same problems.

What Are The Reasons People cannot Achieve Success?

If you ask someone why they never succeeded in what they were trying to do, they will most likely tell you it was someone else’s fault, or something happened that was beyond their control. However, if you compare that person’s life against someone else’s life, you could probably find many examples of people who suffered under far worse conditions yet still became a success.

This shows us that the real reason people fail is not because of something outside of them, rather the reason lies within.

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Internal Reasons For Failure

When you continue to do the same thing repeatedly, it is called a habit. You are probably familiar with bad habits such as smoking, but are you familiar with the habits of failure or the habits of success?

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Creating Habits Of Success

Since success or failure is ultimately achieved through the actions you take, habits therefore play a tremendous role in determining whether you will achieve success or failure in life. For example. If you read every day, that is a habit. This habit is likely to expand your knowledge of a subject, and vastly improve the chances you will master and be successful at it.

However, let’s say that instead of reading every day, you prefer to sit down and watch TV for a few hours. Do you think this will help you master any subject? Or become an expert in your field? Probably the answer will be no.

So if you look at achieving success or failure in terms of the actions you repeat daily, then it is quite simple to understand why some people succeed, and others complain of failure. People who are successful continually do things daily that will increase their chances of success. Whilst unsuccessful people do not.

This does not mean successful people never fail; they do. But what they don’t do is give up, because they have developed habits of success.

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Change Your Habits!

The message you should take away from this article is that in order to experience change in your life you must first identify your habits. Think about what do you do daily and ask yourself if those things help you achieve what you want in life?

If the answer is no, you must then change those habits, because by doing the same thing repeatedly you will only get the same results repeatedly.

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