“In Brazil, there is no one way of looking and feeling beautiful”, says Hella Yang, CEO, and co-founder of Sol de Janeiro which produces Bum Bum body cream. Inspired by Brazil’s favorite body part.

“The Brazilian mindset is so positive. It’s about loving yourself”, adds fellow founder and fellow New Yorker, Marc Capra. “Beauty is not a universal standard. But an attitude”.

- be a definitive authority in brazilian sexy - Be a Definitive Authority in Brazilian Sexy

Brazil is the world capital of body joy and centre of the body worship. Brazilians embrace a head-to-toe sensuality.  Says the other partner and co-founder, Brazilian Camila Pierotti: “We all want soft, touchable skin and we want to smell amazing. Always! Cheirosa – smelling delicious and looking attractive – is a way of life.”

Sol de Janeiro uses gourmand fragrances, exfoliating fruit AHAs, coconut oil, buriti fruit oil, selenium-rich brazil nuts, micro-circulation stimulating guarana (five times stronger than coffee), tropical volcanic pumice, and Cupuacu butter – South America’s answer to shea. Popular products include Cheirosa ’71 body fragrance mist, Bon Dia Bright Body Cream, Coco Copana Moisturising Body Cream Cleanser, Copacabana Bronze Glow Oil, Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil, Acaji Body Power Cream, Brazilian Crush Body Mist, Brazilian Nude Cream, and Samba Foot Fetish Cream. With surfboard buffer and smoothing board!

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Their range of luxury body care regimen products also includes hair repair treatments, strengthening shampoos, and lip butter.

South Korean New Yorker Yang is a graduate of Harvard University and Business School. She is a former Goldman Sachs financial analyst who went on to work for Lancome (L’Orela) and Clinique Laboratories as the Director of Global Strategy and Director of Marketing for Specialty Skincare. “Sol focuses on the whole body. Not just the face as Koreans generally does. It’s a playful, confident, and sensual brand.”

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Co-founder and creative director Capra attended UCLA Anderson School of Management and the University of the Pacific. He was a partner of the Agencia Caviar consultancy firm. Pierotti worked for Clinique and NARS.

Everyone needs some high-performance, innovative, and highly sensual sun protection and luxurious personal care products in their life. Add some Bum Bum (pronounced Booom Boom) to your life. Add it to the coconut water, Grenado soap, Granado nail care, the liquid lipsticks from Matte da Eudora and the Mayan clay and organic apple cider vinegar face masks!

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Ancient sacred medicine Botanics like acai, andiroba (Amazon crabwood tree), Buriti (moriche palm), Takuma (a tree that naturally regenerates after a fire), Maracuja (palm tree fruit), and Castanha (Brazil nut moisturizing body pulp is the best seller) are used in other beauty products made by Natura Brazil founded in 1960 by Luiz Seabra. Surya Brazil and Golden Care are other brands to look out for.

Best Bronze says what it does on the bottle with a wide range of self-tanning products such as Sexy Body Shimmer Spray and Bombshell Body and leg Make-up.

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Uplift your beauty and your booty. Don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Take care of your favorite body parts the South American way. Get into some premium, prestigious Brazilian beauty space. Slap on the Cupuacu and Murumuru butter and the bum cream.

Get Cheirosa!  Be She-Ro-Sah! Cultivate your edible look and irresistible side. Get yourself some instant touch-me glowing feel-good skin. Be a definitive authority in Brazilian sexy. Scoop it up and spray it on!

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