7 Great Gift Ideas You Can Get For Cannabis Connoisseurs

Choosing gifts for your loved ones can be difficult, especially if they are Cannabis connoisseurs. This is because most Cannabis connoisseurs already have everything that they could ever need.

When you’re shopping for a loved one who likes to get high, you need to be creative. A plastic pipe won’t do the trick. You need to find your loved one something unique that will impress them and serve them for many years.

In this article, we will present seven great gift ideas that you can buy for your Cannabis connoisseur loved ones:

Cannabis storage grinder  - 7 great gift ideas you can get for cannabis connoisseurs - 7 Great Gift Ideas You Can Get For Cannabis Connoisseurs

Storage Grinders

A grinder isn’t a particularly unique gift. In fact, nearly every Cannabis smoker owns one. However, most Cannabis smokers just own simple plastic grinders. The best weed grinders have storage compartments, THC compartments, and are made from metal. Plastic grinders disintegrate over time, leaving microscopic pieces of plastic mixed in with one’s Cannabis. Smoking these pieces of plastic can be very bad for a person’s health. Metal grinders do not disintegrate. In addition, by getting your loved one a metal storage grinder they will have a handy place to store their Cannabis. They will also have a compartment at the bottom, where they can collect THC.

Moroccan Pipe

Morocco is famous for the quality of its hash. Tangier in particular is a hash smoker’s haven. If you want to get your loved one a unique but useful gift, then buy them an antique Moroccan hash pipe. These pipes can be expensive depending on how old they are. If you can’t afford an antique then you should still be able to buy an artisan-crafted Moroccan pipe online. A good place to look is Etsy, which is an arts and crafts marketplace. You could also check out eBay.

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Glass Bong

Whenever you’re buying any smoking tools for your stoner loved one, avoid plastic for the reasons mentioned previously. Bongs are smoother and easier to smoke. In recent times, they have gone out of fashion and aren’t a tool found in many Gen Z smokers’ arsenals. Whether your loved one is young or old, a bong is sure to impress them. The smoothness of bongs belies the intense highs that they provide. You can pick glass bongs up for very little. With that said, try to find the best-made and highest quality bong that you can.


Vaping is a very popular trend nowadays, especially among young people and people who are trying to quit smoking. You can also buy Cannabis vaporizers. One simply inserts a Cannabis juice capsule inside the vaporizer and a powerful, smooth high is instantly delivered. Vaporizers can cost a lot of money, especially good ones. In addition to buying a vaporizer for your loved one, you will need to buy them some capsules [otherwise they won’t have anything to smoke!]. If you have the money and your loved one hasn’t tried vaping, buying them a vaporizer will be a great addition to their Cannabis collection.

Humidity Jars

Most Cannabis smokers are completely unaware of how to properly store Cannabis. Usually, Cannabis is kept in small, plastic baggies inside a drawer. If Cannabis isn’t stored correctly then it can either become too dry or too wet. If it becomes too wet, then mold can grow. Humidity jars ensure that Cannabis is kept at the right humidity. If your loved one buys Cannabis in bulk, then a humidity jar is a great gift. If you buy several jars, they will be able to label them and keep different strains in different jars. This will prevent them from mixing their Cannabis.

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Butter Machines

If your loved one enjoys edibles but can’t afford to buy them, then why not make their lives easier and buy them a butter machine? Butter machines are high-tech pieces of equipment that extract THC from Cannabis and fuse it with butter and oils. These kinds of butter and oils can then be used to cook. Your loved one can also just consume the oils. Butter machines can be very expensive but they’re definitely worth the investment, especially if your loved one enjoys cooking.


If you can’t afford to get your loved one a unique gift, then keep it simple. There’s one exception to the “your loved one already has it all” rule, and that’s Cannabis. A Cannabis smoker can never have enough Cannabis. Whether they smoke it today, tomorrow, or a year from now, it will get smoked. Make sure to find out what their favorite strain is so that you can get them the best Cannabis possible.

If your loved one is a Cannabis connoisseur, then you need to make sure that you get them the perfect gift. It can be difficult to pick gifts for weed smokers, but with this article, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Follow our advice and get them a gift that they will remember.


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