6 Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders.

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1. Offer an email course.

Write up a course or use your articles to create a course that you can offer to your visitors.

You’ll be able to educate people about your product and increase your sales by showing them the benefits they’ll get from purchasing from you.

2. Send excerpts from your e-book.

Increase your sales by showing your visitors firsthand the valuable information you have to offer them.

Then, make your autoresponder series available to your visitors by combining excerpts from several or even just one chapter of your e-book.

If you have an affiliate program, increase your sales by making this autoresponder series (as well as any email course you offer) available to your affiliates.

3. Publish an Ezine.

With broadcast capable autoresponders, you’ll be able to double opt in all your new subscribers and send out your newsletter on the schedule you want.

Promote your Ezine on your site and submit it to Ezine directories and Ezine announcement lists.

If you write articles, you can also get more Ezine subscribers by using your resource box to promote your Ezine.

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You can also promote your Ezine in your signature file and get more new subscribers through your day-to-day emails and also from your posts to discussion lists and forums that you’re a member of.

4. Offer a sample issue.

Make one of your most popular, current Ezine issues available by autoresponder.

Then post it on your site, and also, when you can, include it along with your other Ezine information when you submit your Ezine to Ezine directories.

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5. Publish an article announcement list.

Get more Ezine publishers and webmasters to publish your articles regularly by creating a list that announces when you’ve written a new article or articles.

You’ll be able to keep in touch with people that enjoy your writing, helping you to get your articles published more often and increase traffic to your site.

6. Make a training course available to your affiliates.

Offer a generic email training course that your affiliates can use to learn how to successfully promote your products and earn commissions.

Your affiliates will have a handy resource that they can print out and refer to again and again. In addition, you’ll be able to increase your profits by helping your affiliates get started on the right track.

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