6 Good Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

One of the most common problems of long-term relationships is falling into the same routine patterns for a long time. Adopting the same love-making habits, starting from the positions you use, the time of day you usually do it, and how the whole sex process is instigated are all reasons for hitting a low point in your sexual relationship with your partner. When it comes to a couple’s love life, variety and change to help spice up things rather than sticking to one pattern are what makes or breaks a relationship. A little bit of playfulness, freshness, and mystery is what every couple needs to maintain a great life together. Here are 6 good ways to spice up your love life.

1. Share Your Fantasies

Creating some spice up in your love life to break the routine pattern, doesn’t have to be all about extremes and getting kinky, a slight change of what you’re used to with your partner is going to make a difference you’ve never imagined. Try making out in a different area or room in the house, getting into the shower with your partner, experimenting with new ways in foreplay, and other stuff other than the usually predicted manual can be a lot more exciting and fun. Try sharing your fantasies or even recall a love scene you’ve shared earlier in your relationship with your partner, this will also help in creating a romantic moment and a turn-on.

2. Romantic Dates

Romantic dates are never a failure. Whether it’s planned or not, they will instill excitement and spice up the day. Meeting up after work in a hotel or somewhere romantic can make a significant change, you don’t have to go and leave together as this will even add up to the fun. Let your passion and fantasy lead you, create a playful scene in your mind before you arrive and act upon it. It’s better if you try somewhere for the first time, but if you can’t, just have something unexpected when your partner arrives. Maybe some music, dim lights, and a nice cocktail after dinner are a good start for some playfulness when unexpected.

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3. Flirtatious Communication

Flirtatious and sexy communication must have changed over time, especially for partners who’ve been together for a long time. Playful texting and messaging is a turn-on element and will definitely spice up your love life and renew the excitement you shared in the past. Mystery talks and play-around texting will add some thrill and eagerness to a regular day. Imagine receiving a provocative photo from your partner behind your desk at work, that’s definitely a trigger for some fun and love flames.

4. Accessories and Extras Can Spice Up Things

Using some accessories, oils, or even sex toys can turn your love life into a more satisfying experience. There’s a handful of great tools that can work magic for both partners, it can be a new way to add passion, novelty, and excitement to your relationship. Some partners can consider it a bit awkward, but there’s no harm in deciding together what you like to try.  Among the varieties of many tools, an overview of the Lush 3 can help you with the kind of stimulation you’re looking for. When you’re looking for relevant products that you wish to try, you need to understand the use and effect of each one. You may even consider buying one of these products as a surprise for your partner, which can trigger a new level of excitement.

5. Relationship Satisfaction

Now before you get into adding some excitement and joy to your love life, make sure that your relationship with your partner stands on solid ground, you can not just jump steps. Healthy relationships require communication, shared responsibilities, and mutual understanding, so if any of these drifts, you have to work things out with some closeness and intimacy before heading forward. It is recommended to try out some new ideas to spice up things for couples who have been together sharing love and understanding but have fallen into a boring routine that ends up with the usual set-up that hasn’t been changed in a while.

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6. Sex Therapist

Consulting a sex therapist doesn’t mean that you are facing troubles and complicated problems, on the contrary, it helps a lot to talk with a professional in order to educate yourself and your partner, and to take your sex life into a more developed and mature area. Reaching out for a sex therapist will help improve your communication and intimacy with your partner. You and your partner will also be assigned some helpful exercises that help you focus together to outgrow your sexual needs and past experiences. Sex therapists can help you change the way you both interact during sex and otherwise.

relationship spicing up their love life  - 6 good ways to spice up your love life - 6 Good Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Healthy sex life does not only improve your relationship with your partner, it comes with plenty of health benefits. During sex, the brain releases endorphins which is the mind’s potion of feeling good. Hormones produced during lovemaking help in reducing depression and fighting anxiety, sex also improves sleep and enhances the heart condition which results in better mental and physical health. Creating new ways to spice up your love life will transform your experience with your partner and will take it to another level of passion, mystery, and excitement.


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