3 Great Ideas for a Free Startup Home Based Business

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Not all startup home-based businesses have to cost you thousands of dollars. You have to be extra resourceful, hardworking, and creative! Many of them can be free to set up but yield the same range of profits.

Digital Scrapbook Business
You don’t need to invest in materials and supplies to design a digital scrapbook, unlike actual scrapbooks. Everything you need is possible depending on your artistic skills, expertise in creating and editing software, and creativity.

With digital scrapbooks, you need only wield your mouse to create works of art. Backgrounds are abundant and free to download from the Internet. Image editing software will allow you to make simple digital photos into outstanding renditions of a person’s best memories.

To start a digital scrapbook home-based business, you’ll only need to create your own website – this, too, can be done for free! – upload samples of your work, then start working on online marketing.

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Freelance Writing Business
If you’re great with words, it’s easy to capitalize on it with a free startup home-based business.

Choose a niche first. There are many ways for a freelance writer to earn money online, but having a specialization will make it easier to build your reputation. So you can demand higher rates.

There are a lot of job opportunities available if you’re interested in feature writing. You can even have a steady source of income working as a part-time or full-time columnist for blogs, websites, and e-zines.

Technical writing, although more demanding, certainly pays more. You can help students polish their essays and theses. You can help business owners shine their business plans and reports to increase their chances of getting a loan. Technical writers are also often employed online to edit, revise, and proofread technical documents.

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Starting up this kind of business is easy. Again, you’ll need your own website. Next, you need to establish your credentials and upload samples of your works. Thirdly, you need to advertise diligently. It wouldn’t hurt to contribute your articles for free at the start. This is simply to gain more exposure for you as a writer. You can also publish a blog so that people will be more familiar with your writing. In time, you’ll be well-known, and you won’t have to look for clients because they’ll be the ones to look for you instead.

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Affiliate Marketing Business
You won’t have to pay for membership or any other fee if you wish to join an affiliate marketing program. You do, however, have to meet certain requirements before you are accepted.

For one thing, all affiliate market programs require their marketers to have their own website and blog. Furthermore, the main topic for the said site must be relevant, if not directly related, to the products or services offered by the merchant.

As an affiliate marketer, it is your job to consistently upload website content that would encourage your readers to perform the desired action. This can be as simple as visiting the merchant’s website, subscribing to their newsletter, or purchasing a product. In return, you earn commissions from each and every resulting action.

These three are naturally not the only ways for you to start up your own home-based business for free. Browse the Internet, and you’re sure to find more ways to make money online.

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Ref Source: 1-2-3 Success. https://1-2-3success.blogspot.com/

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