10 keys to guaranteed success in negotiations

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Negotiating is a skill that, like warfare tactics, must be honed. It is essential to be mentally prepared to win.

Do the groundwork well before reaching the negotiating table and decide on the “path” you will take. Positivity will help, as also a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Set aside any doubts you may have and stride forward prepared to win at all costs.

The five cornerstones of successful negotiation skills are emphasizing common points, presenting clear arguments, being innovative and open to several options, focusing on the problem being dealt with, and looking for a clear solution.

The key is to be clear about your preferred outcome. However, in the back of your mind, you must be willing to compromise.
A good negotiator is an excellent communicator and understands how human beings think, feel, and function. You must be able to befriend the people seated on the other side of the negotiating table.

You must know when to push hard, accept a compromise, and walk away. A negotiator is, in many ways, an artist who needs much creativity to steer the negotiations to successful completion. A negotiator must consider the 3Fs: fair, fast, and firm.

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According to the gurus, there are tactics to be used for negotiating:
1. Be focused on the problem or issue. Logical arguments are the key to smooth negotiations.
2. It is essential to be firm yet polite when making a stand or presenting a point.
3. Clearly emphasize the advantages and disadvantages.
4. Be patient and let the process of negotiation take its course.
5. Put ego aside and concentrate on the matter at hand. Finding an amicable solution is essential, not self-worth or position.
6. Never threaten or manipulate the opposite party—it is wholly unethical and unfair.
7. Aim for solutions that are interest-based and not what individual desires or aims are. It is best to consider any situation as a whole rather than from a personal viewpoint.
8. Avoid psychological traps and admit when you are wrong. Be open-minded.
9. Don’t accept weak solutions and try and negotiate a reasonable settlement. Temporary measures are not what you need. A permanent solution must be sought.
10. Value time, schedules, and deadlines.

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A good negotiator will not beat around the bush, adopt delay tactics, or waste time talking about mundane matters. It is professional to get down to the business at hand immediately.
Most human beings are born negotiators.

The first breath a baby takes makes all around him dance to his tunes. Most of us consciously or unconsciously do what we must to get our way. And, if we look closely, it is just mastering the art of negotiation.

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